Wanna buy diamonds Wholesale?


Wholesale to the Public.  Diamond sales at wholesale to the public pricing.  Etc., etc.

We encounter this frequently.  People either say they bought a diamond from a "wholesale jeweler" or an online "wholesaler".  There is no such thing as wholesale prices for the general public, and anyone who tells you they are selling you diamonds at wholesale prices is not being 100% honest. In order to buy at wholesale prices, most wholesalers will require us to be a jeweler with a registered business and have a business license, at least 3 references from other wholesalers, and we purchase large quantities of diamonds and must be registered with the JBT (Jeweler's Board of Trade).  Of the diamond dealers (wholesalers) that we do business with, the relationships are long lasting and strong.  Some we have dealt with for as little as 5 years, most over 20.  These guys wouldn't be caught dead selling to the public.  If they did,  they would lose our business and the business of other jewelers they sell to.  Click here for a brochure from the Jewelers Vigilance Committee about this subject.

If someone tells you they're selling a diamond at wholesale prices, they're just playing on your lack of knowledge of the industry. Your best bet is the find a jeweler that has experience, knowledge, and offers quality diamonds at competitive prices.

If a jeweler offers a diamond at a price that seems to blow everyone else away, be sure the 4'C's are good and bring it by, we may want to buy it.  We buy hundreds of diamonds every year from legitimate wholesalers and we don't have to spend time asking any questions about the quality.  We know what to look for.  We haven't seen a diamond yet that we could buy from a customer at what they paid and still sell it to one of our customers at a competitive price.  Often, we could sell the same diamond at "retail" for less than they paid at "wholesale".  Go figure. 

Like I said,  beware...

Dominick Rodriguez