Your Romantique Pre-Owned Watch is guaranted by Romantique Jewelers. As such it is warranted against mechanical failure for 12 months from the date of sale recorded below by Romantique Jewelers. Damage resulting from service provided anywhere other than at Romantique Jewelers is not covered and shall void the warranty. Romantique Jewelers will have sole discretion to determine if the work for the warranty it provides will be performed by Romantique Jewelers or if the work will be performed at the facilities of the maker of the watch by their authorized representatives. The limited warranty does not cover bracelets, crystals or batteries, or any damage to the case or movement caused by moisture that might have entered the watch as a result of improper handling, nor does it apply, on a more general basis, if there is evidence of misuse or abuse. Only Romantique will determine at its sole discretion, to repair any watch under this warranty.