February’s Amethyst Tames Worries

February’s Amethyst Tames Worries

Those lucky enough to be born in February, the month of love, will enjoy having the amethyst as their birthstone. This purple gem is said to have many healing and protective properties, making it the ideal stone to set into a piece of birthday jewelry. It’s also quite affordable, so if you have a loved one who is celebrating a February birthday, you’ll find it easier to find the perfect gift.  Amethysts are one of the few stones that are always the same color, purple. While you won’t find a pink or green amethyst, there are many shades of violet available to choose from. The gem is a form of quartz, found around the world, from Mexico and North America to Brazil, Russia, and, Africa. Jewelers can often tell which region the stone came from, due to the coloration and the style of the crystals formed.

 The Power of Purple

The word amethyst has its roots in the Greek “amethystos” which means sober and for many, the gem still represents a sobering or stabilizing force for those who wear it. This was so strongly believed that Greeks used to drink their wine from amethyst cups so they wouldn’t partake excessively.

These weren’t the only beliefs that involved the beautiful purple gems. Depending on the culture, you’ll find them used to ward off pests from crops, purify the skin and to exercise evil spirits. Warriors once used them set into breastplates and weapons to give them an edge in war and to protect them against injury, while artists considered the stones to be useful in providing inspiration. Today, these stones are considered to be spiritual. They are often thought to help the wearer handle difficulties in their lives and overcome them. No matter whether you believe in the medicinal or protective properties of amethysts, there’s no doubt that they are special and make wonderful gifts.

 A Strong History

The amethyst has been around for a very long time, as indicated by the fact that it has shown up in ruins from the 9th century. Back in the day, purple was a color reserved for the royal wardrobes, thanks to the scarcity of the dye. As a result, the violet tints of these gems were highly prized and today the Crown Jewels still include a large amethyst.

As a royal gem, amethysts were highly prized and despite the fact that today they are very affordable, the stones were once considered more valuable than diamonds. While this is no longer true, you will still find these lovely gems in museums and among highly valued jewel collections that boast of more than mere historic use.

An amethyst looks beautiful, whether used alone in a piece of jewelry or combined with other stones. Try a single stone as a pendant or a ring with a series of amethysts to let that special someone know how much you care, or opt for a pair of delicate earrings to dazzle the February born woman in your life. You can never go wrong with a birthstone.