We're back from our first diamond buying trip to Antwerp.  Not only did we come back with some nice diamonds for customers that pre-ordered, we stocked up just in time for the holidays.  Come by and see what we can do to fill your diamond needs.
We're traveling to Antwerp, Belgium because it is the "Diamond Capital of the World" where more than 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut, polished and sold.  This unique diamond market provides us the opportunity to select from diamond cuts, sizes, shapes, colors and clarities of unmatched quantity, quality, and value in a single market location.
Now taking Pre-Sale orders
It is a diamond buyer's paradise. In Antwerp, we also deal directly with the diamond cutters with no middle-men or brokers involved. This provides an incremental value in eliminating one level of the normal distribution channels. We save money and we pass that savings on to our customers through "pre-sales." When placing a pre-sale order, we act as your personal shopper while in Antwerp. We search for diamonds based on your specific criteria and price points. No order is too small or too large, and no special request is beyond the reach of our Antwerp suppliers.  Stop by, contact us here, or call us at 314.291.0048 to discuss your dream diamond.

How do we do it? 
The answer is quite simple. We are members of IJO, Independent Jewelers Organization. This is the largest jewelry buying group in the world with over $900 million dollars in buying power.  They provide access and we, along with other IJO member stores, are welcomed onto the cutting floors with open arms.